Something good

Everything about your experience will be exceptional, you will speechless with only one word, while so simple, saying it with a Bedouin tongue would feel enough to describe your journey to people, Zain.

Discovery Bedu Activities & Adventures

  • Hiking

    One of the most amazing experiences in Wadi  Rum where guests will explore the astonishing sceneries around the desert and hike the amazing sand dunes, the canyons and the sandstone mountains.

  • Camel Rides

    As Bedouins call them “the ship of the desert“. Due to the importance of camels in the Bedouin day today life and culture, our guests will get the chance to be part of such experience riding on a camel hump and exploring the desert exactly the same way Bedouins do.

  • Sand Boarding

    One of the adrenalin experiences guests can examine through practice sand skiing on the soft red sands of Wadi Rum. It is a very safe sport but you have to have the drive to do board one!

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

    It’s time to fly! Following our staff’s instructions, you get safely tucked into the basket and the ascend starts. The journey to 4000 feet in the air is peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. You have to actually be there to feel it, words won’t do any justice.

  • Stargazing

    Being in Wadi Rum Desert, you would wonder and you will be amazed by the massive numbers of starts flying above you! luxuriate yourself with a spectacular calm night at the desert to view the stars and find out more about the wonders of space & galaxies.

  • Board games

    Enjoy a variety of game board that are available at your camp like chess, Taboo, Wild Monopoly, playing cards and others.

  • The Bedouin Life

    A great way to experience and to learn more about the life of the Bedouins, their culture, their challenges and how they progress in their day today life. You will be picked up from the camp in the morning by your Bedouin guide/driver who will  be happy to share his experience with you and introduce you to his culture. He will take you to visit different locations in the desert combining culture, nature and history. He will also be happy to answer your questions about life in the desert. A stop for lunch will take place with a Bedouin family which will also give you the chance to be with a Bedouin family originated and lives in the area.

    Continue with the afternoon exploration before returning back to your camp for another amazing sunset.

  • 4x4 Drives

    Be part of the local Bedouin experience exploring the desert in their 4×4 safari like pick-up jeeps, discover clues from antiquity carved on the mountains and the fallen boulder, vestiges of human activity over several thousand years.

  • Foot Print Walks

    Take a morning stroll on camp grounds and check the visiting wildlife from the night before, their prints are usually clear to their characteristics!

  • Leyla C
    Out of this world off-grid stay!

    We stayed only one night but we wished we had stayed longer! Photos don’t do justice to the energy of this place. Combine the physical location and set up with the wonderful hospitality shown by the staff and it’s difficult to imagine how to experience the desert any better.

  • Lisa G
    Luxurious Desert Stay

    Really stunning location, amazing luxurious tent – with everything thought of. It is essentially better than a hotel room – it just happens that the walls are canvas rather than brick. We had our best meal in Jordan here…in the middle of the desert! Loved it. Would highly recommend.

  • Tom S
    Amazing hide away in the heart of Wadi Rum

    The camp is extremely luxurious. Comfy beds, delicious food, and most of all a stunning setting. You feel completely in the middle of nowhere, but the staff are always on hand to look after you. Definitely the best way to visit Wadi Rum.

  • Nigel Mistophlous
    Outstanding visit to Discovery Bedu

    The setting is breathtaking, vast views of the desert and rock formations, dramatic but still and tranquil. The tents were attractive, very clean and comfortable. The staff was friendly and professional, they attended to our every need. Food was authentic and outstanding.