Jordan attracts tourists from around the world and is well known of its diverse tourist sites and activities. Jordan is a rich destination with a wide range of tourist attractions. Jordan has a developed tourism infrastructure with a plethora of luxury hotels and resorts, advanced transport infrastructure, a wide range of activities and cultural events, spas and numerous tour operators operating in the country.

Tourism accounts for a large part of Jordan’s economy. Jordanian hospitality is well noted by its rash of western tourists. In 2008, there were over 6 million arrivals, 3 million of them tourists, with tourist receipts amounting to about 3 billion dollars. Its major tourist activities include visiting ancient sites (like the worldwide famous Petra) and unspoilt natural locations, as well as observing cultural and religious sites and traditions.

Adventurers staying in Jordan can also rock-climb in Jordan’s Wadi Rum and go for hikes in Jordan’s northern mountainous region. Scuba divers can visit Aqaba’s magnificent coral reefs. Film tourism is also evident in Jordan because many western films have been filmed in Jordan

Pilgrimages are growing in Jordan. Mount Nebo and the Mosaic Map in Madaba are popular to Christian tourists. The Jordan River and the Dead Sea are also very popular. The numerous medieval mosques and churches are popular destinations for pilgrims.

As the sun’s first rays peek over the golden sands,
a promise of great adventure slowly reveals the undulating landscapes
that will astound the magic of natures magnificence…